Popular Treks

Nepal- the country of the Himalayas, offers beautiful locations and destinations for trekking and many other activities. Famous for being home to the world’s tallest peak- Mount Everest, Nepal also has many culture and customs that reflect the country’s diversity beautifully. Rich in culture, history and natural landscapes, Nepal is a perfect destination for vacations. Trekking in Nepal is perhaps one of the most famous activity to do. The wonderful appeal of the mountains of the country attracts thousands of visitors every year. Trekking in Nepal is also a very good way to get yourself acquired with the people’s lifestyle, their tradition and their rituals. Not lacking in regional aspect, Nepal has many beautiful destinations that offer great trekking journeys and amazing experiences. Embedded with religious sites and spiritual settings pertaining to many religions, Trekking in Nepal is quite a wholesome and sublime affair. Here are the top ten best treks to do in Nepal.

Based on the number of trekkers SASANE Sisterhood has hosted, we have found these to be among the most popular treks of Nepal: