Nepal is a landlocked nation in South Asia, among China and India. It is one of the most entrancing nations on the planet with its characteristic magnificence, rich social legacy, transcending pagodas, astounding Himalayan extents with world’s most elevated pinnacles. It contains eight of the world’s 10 most noteworthy pinnacles, including Mt. Everest the world’s tallest. Nepal encompassed by the grandiose statures of the Himalayas, is a place that is known for interminable magnificence and fascination. It is a place where there is beautiful societies, old history and individuals, pleasant view and probably the best strolling trails on earth.

Nepal has constantly stayed up with the world. It is said that about each development that has affected the west has impacted Nepal as well. Travelers carry these waves with them. In fifties Nepal saw awesome. The sixties were known for punk. However, it was seventies that put Nepal on the world guide. Nepal turned into the house of Hippie development in the seventies; the decade it shook the world. Scores of motion pictures dependent on the subject were shot in Nepal. Kathmandu and Dharan are still frequently referenced in nonconformist tunes. It was additionally during that period that the gambling club industry blossomed.