SASANE offers visitors a unique opportunity to implement their skills into projects that encourage the healthy development of the Nepalese community and SASANE.

We are committed to our volunteers and want to ensure they enjoy themselves as they help our organization succeed.

  1. We welcome, new volunteers who are coming to join.
  2. We prepare for volunteers when they arrive
  3. Respect our volunteers.
  4. Holding regular volunteer meetings.
  5. Providing orientation training and the ability to learn about charities, companies, and communities in Nepal.
  6. Assign tasks based on the volunteers’ interests.

Volunteer In Tourism

Volunteer travel, or ‘voluntourism’, combines tourism with helping a charitable cause. Volunteers at SASANE can work with the smiling Nepali people and learn the real happiness of life in rural communities. Volunteer tourism is a specific form of tourism, designed to provide a product or service to meet the needs of SASANE Sisterhood’s particular market segment, meaning it falls under the umbrella of niche tourism.

Company Volunteer

We hope volunteers can provide their time at our local offices and work on a variety of tasks. Many of SASANE’s tasks are marketing and fundraising, administrative duties, and team projects. We encourage individuals with the following skills to join us at our offices:

  1. Company-related skills and think creatively.
  2. The ability to work in a team.
  3. Leadership.
  4. Problem solving and adaptability.
  5. Communicating with clients and stakeholders.
  6. The ability to plan and priorities work.
  7. Sales skills.
  8. Time management.

Community Volunteer

We offer trusted volunteers/interns interested in traveling and working in rural mountain communities the opportunity to enrich vulnerable in Nepalese communities. Areas that experience extreme poverty, do not have adequate education and healthcare facilities, and frequently have little building infrastructure. Due to these disadvantages there region exhibit-, a high rate of child marriage, trafficking, and internally displaced children and domestic violence. Volunteers will have the ability to:

Charity Volunteer

We have volunteer and internship placements in SASANE Kathmandu, Pokhara, and mountain villages in Nepal. If you have an interest in combating trafficking and empowering former victims of trafficking, your skills and knowledge can and will further the anti-human trafficking movement. Roles can include: