Sustainable Tourism Transforms Lives of Female Trafficking Survivors

Women Empowerment

By training female human trafficking survivors as trekking guides, SASANE empowers them to achieve financial independence and protect themselves from being retrafficked. Training as trekking guides arms the survivors with crucial skills to be employable in Nepal’s tourism industry while helping to support and promote a responsible tourism initiative. The survivors participate in group activities and train together to understand the power within themselves and as a collective. They are given the opportunity to receive preparation for official certification. Through this process, they learn more about their own strengths and capabilities as Nepali citizens, and SASANE supports these survivors in their mission to ultimately empower themselves.

As of 2018, SASANE has provided job opportunities to 371 female survivors of human trafficking. While SASANE receives 200 applications from survivors to become paralegals, there are only 45 spots available. Therefore, training to be tour guides and hospitality staff becomes another outlet for the women. They gain the self-esteem, skills, knowledge, experience, and economic independence they need to become leaders in whatever field they ultimately choose to pursue.

These women gain the respect that they deserve, become role models for young Nepali girls, and provide hope and inspiration to other survivors. Through their experiences with SASANE, they also gain more self-confidence, which may help them heal from their pasts.

Supporting Rural Villages

One of the main causes of human trafficking is extreme poverty, which is why many rural mountain villages are at a higher risk. By directing treks and tourism through these areas, SASANE provides both alternative livelihoods as well as increased commerce to help reduce this risk. SASANE is working to expand trekking and touring routes to different rural communities while working with the locals to employ community members, teach life skills training, provide basic literacy skills and English language classes, and establish homestays along new routes. Through a sustainable model of tourism, SASANE promotes the eradication of human trafficking from rural communities in Nepal.

Unique Educational Cultural Exchanges

Travellers looking for a more authentic, immersive experience in Nepal have the ability to join our experienced local survivor guides as they lead tours that are off the beaten path. They engage in a unique cultural exchange by spending time with Nepali locals. Travellers also get a rich educational experience as they learn about the history, culture, everyday life and social issues prevalent in Nepal. While supporting local communities, helping prevent human trafficking, and enjoying the majestic nature and beauty of Nepal, travellers will embark on a truly meaningful adventure.

SASANE Sisterhood Trekking and Travel is approved by The Government of Nepal, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Civil Aviation.