Tourism plays a significant role in our global economy, but its rapid growth has also posed challenges to our planet's sustainability. To address this, the concept of off the beaten path travel has gained traction, promoting sustainable practices and preserving local culture and environment. Moreover, in the modern era, women have emerged as influential contributors to the enterprise and tourism sectors, their presence marking a crucial step towards gender equality.

SASANE Sisterhood has laid the foundation of women empowerment by training survivor of human trafficking to become tour/trekking guide, and also participate in many tourism related employments This unique model of operation has created an immense footprint in national and international arena alike. We are a team of young entrepreneurs, travel experts, and dreamers who strives to create impact through tourism.

As we strive for sustainability in tourism, women led off the beaten path travel emerges as a promising solution. It diverts tourism to lesser-known destinations, preserve the environment, local cultures, and foster economic development of survivors as well as communities where we travel to.

The tourism industry can serve as a catalyst for empowering vulnerable women, providing them with opportunities for economic independence and personal growth. By creating inclusive and safe environments for our travellers, partners and our employees, we encourage local crafts, homestays, tour guiding, and community leaderships. If you would like to collaborate with us or want to know more about our ongoing projects, please drop us an email.


Friday for Future

We at Sisterhood meet every second Friday and take time to discuss about new projects and new ideas that could be implemented to foster creative thinking. Everyone’s ideas are laid on the table and are discussed in greater lengths. At the end of the session, one idea is selected among others to be presented in greater details. Only requirement is that all proposals/ideas should focus on ways to empower women through sustainable tourism.

Empower Women

Every year SASANE Sisterhood funds tour/trekking guide trainings for survivors of human trafficking who cannot become paralegals. Survivors who go on to acquire tour/trekking certifications can find job in tourism industry to work as a guide or be self employed. Many have chosen to carve out their own path and to lead and succeed in life without any assistance from SASANE Sisterhood – a testimony that speaks in itself about women empowerment.

Empower Community

There is an old adage – when you educate a women, you educate a family. A community tourism led by women is very close to our heart and that is why we are always looking for new and unique approaches to empower communities. Currently SASANE Sisterhood works with handful of rural communities to promote and operate women led homestays that directly benefits the locals.


Volunteer With Us

Voluntrekking in the tourism sector to help build projects in remote off beaten paths, particularly with Sasane Sisterhood Trekking and Travel, can have a profound positive impact on both the local communities and the volunteers themselves. This form of volunteerism goes beyond typical travel experiences and offers a unique opportunity to contribute directly to the development of rural communities while fostering cultural exchange and personal growth.

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