About Us

SASANE Sisterhood Trekking and Travel aims to create a responsible tourism company, which trains female human trafficking survivors as trekking guides to lead tours through rural mountain villages of Nepal, in order to reduce - and ultimately eliminate - further trafficking, gender-based violence and child marriage in those communities. Travelers who participate in the treks will experience lesser-traveled areas of Nepal while being immersed in the traditional culture and customs of the rural Nepali villages as well as contributing to the development of rural villages. They will also eat delicious, home-cooked meals and participate in local activities, such as basket weaving and home brewing. We look forward to showing you the beautiful country of Nepal through the eyes of the Nepali people!

How We are Making an Impact

Women Empowerment

By training female human trafficking survivors as trekking guides, SASANE empowers them to achieve financial independence and protect themselves from being re-trafficked.

Supporting Rural Villages

By improving infrastructure and driving tourism through remote mountain areas that are most vulnerable to human trafficking, SASANE aims to provide alternative livelihoods to those communities, in order to combat one of the root causes of human trafficking - extreme poverty.

Unique Educational Cultural Exchanges

By travelling off the beaten tourist path with experienced local survivor guides, travellers can understand and learn about the history, culture, everyday life and social issues prevalent in Nepal, while supporting the local communities - helping prevent human trafficking - and enjoying the majestic nature of this beautiful country.

SASANE Sisterhood Trekking and Travel is approved by The Government of Nepal, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Civil Aviation.

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