Our Projects

SASANE primarily focuses on 3 major projects aligning with its mission to beat human trafficking, child marriage and gender-based violence:

Social Change in Vulnerable Communities


Social change is the basis of providing a secure and happy life to the survivors. It is the changes in human interactions and relationships that can transform society and its perception and behavior towards the survivors. SASANE believes that along with raising the socio-economic status of the society, making social inclusion of victims a priority of the society by removal of stigmas, discrimination, negativity, and further abuse can there be hope for those who tend to become victims of trafficking.

We are supporting rural villages to improve their infrastructure by driving tourism through the remote mountain communities and providing alternative sources of income so local community members can create sustainable businesses and as such combat one of the root causes of human trafficking – severe poverty.

Travelers who participate in the treks experience lesser-traveled areas of Nepal while being immersed in the traditional culture and customs of the rural Nepal villages as well as contributing to the development of those villages.

Under this project, SASANE has boosted the growth of tourism in 11 vulnerable rural communities through its unique trekking packages that pass through these remote areas.

Social Re-Integration of Survivor Sisters in the Community

After, the completion of social change the next step is social integration. It is the process during which newcomers (survivors) are incorporated into the social structure of the host society. Finally, a process of reintegration occurs that consolidates the new perspectives, adjustments in social relationships, and new behaviors. We provide the sisters with marketable skills; provide them training and employment opportunities.
SASANE focuses on the PEACE phrase:
•P- Protective and nurturing environment.
•E- Expression of the feeling without judgment.
•A- Analyze their situation and accepting their reality of being trafficked.
•C- Claim control over one’s life and assertiveness training.
•E- Empower to plan and re-build their lives with capacity building education.

The re-integration approach helps to reduce and ultimately eliminate further trafficking, gender-based violence, and child marriage through the empowerment of the victim itself. Hence, we train the survivors of human trafficking as trekking & tour guides to lead tours through the city to rural villages which are known hubs of trafficking. Our main focus is to support the female survivors and enable them to achieve financial independence in order to protect themselves from being re-trafficked.
Based on this approach, SASANE has successfully supported to train 31 survivors as trekking guides and 2 as tour guides, eventually providing them employment in the tourism sector especially in SASANE itself.

End Trafficking & Child Marriage

Through activities that help to bring social change and proper reintegration, SASANE seeks to beat human trafficking from the grassroots level. We aim to understand and ease the life of the survivor by working to facilitate the requirements for it through SASANE Sisterhood Company.