SASANE Sisterhood’s guides are licensed through the Nepal Tourism Board. All our tour, trekking and porter guides are survivors of human trafficking and mostly come from rural villages in Nepal. All of our staff speak English but at varying skill levels.

The Nepal Government Tourism Board conducts the training for our guides. Prospective guides are taught about the history, culture, and religion of Nepal. They also receive practical training where they go to various field locations to learn about different trekking destinations, trekking skills, and group management skills. Guides must then pass a written exam on both these areas in order to become certified. Training lasts 35 days for trekking guides and about 10 weeks for city tour guides. Our guides are trained through the Nepal Mountain Academy and the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management.


SASANE is a place of respect and dignity. The girl’s stories are painful, personal and very private. Many girls do not even share their stories with each other.

Every girl you meet here is a success story. They have endured the unthinkable and continue to strive forward and do not care to look back. Their empowerment does not come from sharing their story, it comes from moving forward through education, economic independence and dreams of a brighter future.

For this reason, we have chosen to sell copies of the book “Sold” as one girls’ story is every girl’s story. Please do not ask the girls to share their personal stories.

Thank you for your respect,
SASANE Sisters