Sustainable Tourism Transforms Lives of Female Trafficking Survivors

All of our tour guides are licensed through the Nepal Tourism Board. Additionally, each tour guide is a survivor of human trafficking and is trained and licensed as a paralegal and social worker. All of the tour guides are from rural villages in Nepal.

The Nepal Government Tourism Board conducts the training for our trekking guides. Prospective guides are taught about the history, culture, and religion of Nepal. They also receive practical training where they go to various field locations to learn about different trekking destinations, trekking skills, and group management skills. Guides must then pass a written exam on both these areas in order to become certified. Training lasts 35 days for trekking guides and about 10 weeks for city tour guides. Our guides are trained through the Nepal Mountain Academy and the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Laxmi Gurung

I'm an energetic and motivated woman. I'm one of the founding members of SASANE as well as SASANE Sisterhood Trekking Company. I'm a certified Paralegal and Trekking Guide. I have a goal to be an ideal person for my society. I love playing with kids and in my spare time I like to travel new places (specifically Natural sites), have fun with friends and listen to music.

Manisha Shrestha

I live in Gokarna, Kathmandu with my family. I have a bachelor’s degree and have worked as an accountant for SASANE going on 5 years. I am a certified paralegal and trekking guide. I received my license from the Department of Tourism. My hobbies are reading books, watching TV, traveling to new places and meeting new people. My favorite colors are pink and black and I love to eat MO:MO!

Machindra Gurung

I am currently living in Dubai and look forward to returning to Nepal next year. I became a certified paralegal in 2012 and received my trekking guide certification in 2015. I am an animated person and my friends say I make new friends easily!

Jashudha Rai

I am originally from east of Nepal in Khotan and now I live in Bhaktapur. I finished my higher secondary level from Sanothimi campus. I have worked for SASANE since 2010. I became a certified paralegal in 2011 and a certified tour and trekking guide on 2016. I like traveling to new places and love peaceful environments. I like cooking new items and my favorite food is MO:MO. My favorite color is green, especially for clothes. I also like wearing black shoes or any other color that matches what I am wearing. My hobbies include rafting and rock climbing.

Asmita Sapkota

I am an energetic and ambitious woman who has also been a certified Paralegal since 2013 and a certified Trekking Guide since 2015. I have set my goals to be a better person by gaining a lot of experiences and knowledge. In my spare time I like to travel new places, have fun with friends, read novels and listen to music.

Shreejana Tamang

I currently live in Boudha and am a teacher in a rural mountain village. I became a paralegal in 2015 and a certified trekking guide in 2016. I enjoy dancing, traveling and all types of extreme adventures - rock climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding.

Aruna Tamang

I am currently studying in Japan and look forward to returning to Nepal once I graduate. I became a certified trekking guide in 2016 and have been a certified paralegal since 2012. I love having fun and traveling to new places where the environment is peaceful. My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is MO:MO!

Kabita Khadka

I live in Bhaktapur Kharipati. I became a certified paralegal in 2012 and have been working at SASANE since 2015. I studied Humanities in college and love social work. My hobbies include travelling to new places and doing social work. I passed the trekking guide training from Mountain Academy with a Grade A.

Jyoti Rumba

I am from Lalitpur, Nepal, which is 30 minutes away from Kathmandu. I became a paralegal in 2012 and a trekking guide in 2016. I love doing makeup and working at beauty parlors. I also like being around horses and taking hikes.

Pabitra Rai

I am from Khotang, Nepal. But now I am staying in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have worked at SASANE Sisterhood Trekking & Tour as a trekking guide and a certified paralegal since 2016. I love adventures, trekking and traveling in different places. I also like to make friends from different places. I am interested in learning more about other cultures, festivals, religions and so on as well as share my Nepali experience. I want to provide the best trekking guide experience for everyone so I can show the world how beautiful Nepal is.