Responsible Travel Policy

SASANE Sisterhood Trekking and Travel is a socially responsible tourism initiative that trains local survivors of human trafficking as trekking guides to lead tours through rural villages which are known hubs of trafficking. This innovative approach helps to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, further trafficking, gender-based violence and child marriage in those communities. Travelers who participate in the treks experience lesser-traveled areas of Nepal while being immersed in the traditional culture and customs of the rural Nepal villages as well as contributing to the development of those villages.

By supporting female survivors of trafficking SASANE empowers female survivors to achieve financial independence and protect themselves from being re-trafficked. In supporting rural villages to improve their infrastructure and driving tourism through this remote mountain communities SASANE provides alternative sources of income so local community members can create sustainable businesses, and as such combat one of the root causes of human trafficking – severe poverty.

Traveling off the beaten path tourist have the unique opportunity to learn about the history, cultures, everyday life and social issues prevalent in Nepal while supporting the local communities, helping prevent human trafficking and enjoying the majestic nature and scenic areas of Nepal.


We observe basic human rights principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ensure we are promoting among our staff, customers, local communities and suppliers/business partners, their right to be treated with Dignity, Equality, Freedom and Respect. With the powerful mission to end sexual exploitation from Nepal, SASANE works with female human trafficking survivors in all spheres, administration, finance and travel activities. Safeguarding the dignity and confidentiality of these survivors is our first and foremost priority. SASANE makes sure that these survivors are not further victimized by any means either by the organization or from any traveler who cross their way. These survivors are included in all of the organizational activities, decision making and implementation from start to finish.


We are a team with various cultural and ethnic background who have come together for a common goal; empowering women and specially survivors of human trafficking through tourism. Our team comprises tourism industry experts, social advocates, social workers, tour guides, administration staff and visiting consultants. We pride ourselves as being the women led company where 60% of top management comprises women. We create an ample environment for employees to excel in their job while also motivating and trusting them with greater responsibilities. We care about:

  • Employee’s wellbeing in all professional spheres. Mentoring and Nepal Government recognized certification of our tour guides.
  • Constructive feedback culture that we use to proactively improve ourselves.
  • Encourage creativity and foster professional growth.
  • All our guides are survivors of human trafficking from the upper managerial post and guides.
  • Permanent employment of the guides with Citizen Investment Fund abided by the Nepal Labor Act. 2074.
  • Bribery, corruption, or fraudulent activities are not tolerated.

    SASANE provides social, and economic empowerment to discriminated and marginalized group of women especially the women survivors of human trafficking through tourism. We partner with SASANE non-profit organisation to conduct various activities for the welfare of women, survivors of human trafficking and the local community.

    Empowering the Survivors

  • We provide training to survivors to become certified travel guides. Certification is issued by the Nepal government in association with Nepal Tourism Board.
  • Currently 33 female survivors have gained certification as tour/trekking guides through SASANE.
  • We train and support survivors to run homestays in rural communities to be financially stable and break the cycle of re-trafficking due to severe poverty.
  • Currently, we are 11 strong homestays run by the survivors of human trafficking.
  • Some survivors go on to become a master chef at SASANE sisterhood culinary classes where they run showcase their talent.
  • We also support women survivors to become professional artisans. They then promote and sell their products to our travelers during cooking classes.
  • 5% of our profit goes to non-profit SASANE which combats social unjust and human trafficking in Nepal. Please details, check here.
  • Community

  • With SASANE non-profit organization, we raise awareness through activities and campaigns to stop trafficking before someone becomes a victim again.
  • We take our travelers to community homes and homestays run by the local people to promote their business in a sustainable way.
  • With homestays, we encourage youths in finding new economic opportunities in tourism which reduces brain drain & foreign employment relocations.
  • Our profit is injected directly into supporting and facilitating creative programs and projects in the community to fight social injustice
  • We design and operate trips with local suppliers who directly add benefit the local community and economy when we travel.
  • We train the local community people on basic business ideas on local food production, use and supply.
  • We involve the local community in decision making focusing on its internal and external development.
  • Feedbacks and report from our Volunteers are used by SASANE to develop strategies to create new projects and promote sustainable tourism .

    As a small business, we strive to preserve natural habitats of flora and fauna in all the routes we offer in our programs. We strictly adhere to the policy to encourage activities which facilitate preservation and promotion of a thriving environment both during the trips and at our office premises.

    Waste management// Avoid plastic bottles

  • We separate our degradable waste products from non-degradable at our office premises.
  • We include cleaning activities at UNESCO heritage sites together with our guest in programs we offer.
  • All our guests are motivated to avoid creating unnecessary waste during their trip and provide them necessary information to adhere to them.
  • We provide glass bottles to our travelers which can be refilled during the tours and treks.
  • We use only clay water bottles in our office premise which does not require refrigeration.
  • Path less traveled// Sustainable mode of transport

  • We operate at places less traveled to keep tourism density to viable minimum to avoid negatively influencing the community and the place they live in.
  • We offer homestays run by locals serving foods that are sourced organically without chemical usage.
  • We promote and use public transport while avoiding multiple short trips.
  • Usage of public transport like local buses, tuk-tuk, etc. wherever possible.
  • We promote walking and cycling in cities as this is more relaxing and culturally immersive compared to hopping on and off the stops.
  • Energy conservation// Informed product purchase

  • We rely on solar electricity to supply 30% of our energy consumption at work.
  • Two of our homestays are installed with solar panels for heating, shower and cooking.
  • We promote local goods consumption to help small business thrive in a sustainable way.
  • Counterfeiting and Trademark infringement is not acceptable to us.
  • Usage of locally sourced sustainable products are promoted.
  • We work relentlessly with our partners and suppliers to adhere to fair, respected and financially viable supplies for creating our products.
  • We encourage each other to derive value from sustainable programs that preserve the local environment.
  • We monitor our activities to strictly adhere to the policy.