Tourism plays a significant role in our global economy, but its rapid growth has also posed challenges to our planet's sustainability. To address this, the concept of off the beaten path travel has gained traction, promoting sustainable practices and preserving local culture and environment. Moreover, in the modern era, women have emerged as influential contributors to the enterprise and tourism sectors, their presence marking a crucial step towards gender equality. By empowering vulnerable women through the tourism industry, we can not only promote sustainable development but also foster social progress.

As we strive for sustainability in tourism, off the beaten path travel emerges as a promising solution. By diverting tourism to lesser-known destinations, we can protect our environment, preserve local cultures, and foster economic development. Furthermore, the role of women in modern enterprise and tourism is pivotal. By empowering vulnerable women through the tourism industry, we unlock their potential to be leaders, change-makers, and catalysts for progress. Through economic opportunities and social support, we can uplift vulnerable women, enabling them to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

The tourism industry can serve as a catalyst for empowering vulnerable women, providing them with opportunities for economic independence and personal growth. By creating inclusive and safe environments, women from marginalized communities can participate in tourism-related activities such as local crafts, homestays, tour guiding, and entrepreneurship. These opportunities offer avenues for skill development, financial stability, and the cultivation of self-confidence. Empowered women become agents of change, not only improving their own lives but also positively impacting their families and communities. SASANE Sisterhood remains steadfast to unleash Survivor's potential to travel beyond limits, create opportunities, and illuminate the world with their brilliance.


Friday for Future

We at Sisterhood meet every second Friday and take time to discuss about new projects and new ideas that could be implemented to foster creative thinking. Everyone’s ideas are laid on the table and are discussed in greater lengths. At the end of the session, one idea is selected for the presentation at the end of the year among other selected ideas. The winning idea will become a baseline to build new projects. One requirement that all proposals/ideas must focus on ways to empower women through sustainable tourism. However, we also select ideas that does not fall under women empowerment but have significant value for the communities and to the society in a broader landscape.

Empower Women

SASANE Sisterhood is committed to women empowerment through tourism – specially by providing employment opportunities to survivors of human trafficking. At SASANE, women are leading the organisation in day to day activities. We pride ourselves in being called as a women led travel operator. Despite the fact that gender equality in tourism industry is huge, we at SASANE can say that we are leading the way by setting an example by putting women at the helm of our impactful business model.

Social Justice

SASANE Sisterhood works with various entities and organisation who facilitate positive social just in the society. SASANE sisterhood actively participates in social causes – may it be a legal advocacy or a peaceful street demonstration. We have participated in numerous social initiatives to foster fair social justice for everyone in tourism sector and beyond.



Voluntrekking in the tourism sector to help build projects in remote off beaten paths, particularly with Sasane Sisterhood Trekking and Travel, can have a profound positive impact on both the local communities and the volunteers themselves. This form of volunteerism goes beyond typical tourist experiences and offers a unique opportunity to contribute directly to the development of marginalised regions while fostering cultural exchange and personal growth.

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