Traveler Code of Conduct

We ask everyone who travels with us or uses our travel services to adhere to code of conduct of SASANE sisterhood. We brief the code of conduct to new guests and are happy to assist in case of any concerns. We expect our guests to adhere to the CoC published in this website.

Appreciate local traditions and customs and products

Before traveling, check on the local customs and traditions of the places to visit (folkloric festivals, anniversaries, holidays, etc.) so you can share, participate and be part of the community. Information can be found here.

  • Learn a few words in the local language, with it you can establish a meaningful contact with the local community.
  • Respect and protect all that makes a destination unique such as its history, architecture, and culture, as expressed in its religion, music, art, and food.
  • Ask for consent when taking photographs of local people.
  • Promote small business, crafts and products made locally which contributes to the sustainable development of one’s business.
  • Treat with respect and kindness the vendors and local artisans and promote fair trade relationships between producers and consumers.
  • Do not buy products that are counterfeited or prohibited by national and international regulations.
  • Be informed about the products that are legally restricted from leaving or entering the visited country.
  • Seek to preserve environment

  • Buy products that are not made from plants or animals that are in danger of extinction.
  • Choose activities which are resource efficient and reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Use public transportations.
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle solid waste during your trip. Carry reusable water bottle and avoid buying products with unnecessary packaging and containers.
  • Reduce water and electricity usage during your stays by being conservative on taking showers during long treks and turning off all unused electric devices.

    Maintain confidentiality and ask no personal questions to survivors

  • Refrain from extracting survivor’s past experience. Any form of information which reveals their story must remain confidential.
  • Remember not to ask sensitive questions to our guides who are survivors of violence and are working hard to create a new and a positive chapter.
  • Take great care when visiting wildlife,  heritage and archaeological sites of invaluable significance

  • Bring your waste back with you, incl. organics, as otherwise it pollutes the wildlife, litter the heritage sites and affect other visitors.
  • Avoid making unnecessary noises and be considerate about the people living around you.
  • When visiting a protected area, rules and regulations must be followed to preserve places and species of great ecological value, which, in many cases, are in danger. Also do not feed the wild animals.
  • Plan your travel diligently

  • Be informed on national and international rules and regulations
  • Check official tourist information to obtain objective, actualized information and to be aware of activities and services that comply with local laws.
  • SASANE sisterhood will gladly assist you in any questions you have before, during and after your visit to make your journey as smooth as possible.