Discover Off-the-beaten path

Travelers who participate with our guides in the treks experience memorable trekking routes to lesser-traveled areas of Nepal while being immersed in the traditional culture and customs of the rural Nepal villages as well as contributing to the sustainable development of those villages through sustainable travel and tourism.

Volun – trekking

We have treks specially designed for students, professionals and retirees to trek through the undiscovered routes and rural villages where they may volunteer for their respective fields of interest and expertise.

Trek for all

Nepal is an ideal destination for adventure and cultural immersion, both of which is encompassed in a trek. There are abundant options of these treks for you to choose from thanks to the diversity in terms of culture and terrain.

SASANE Sisterhood Trekking and Travel satisfy your needs through unique & popular trekking and tourism by reaching out to the vulnerable women, who are at risk of re-trafficking, and provide them with empowerment and ultimately developing these rural communities.

We offer a variety of Treks & Hikes that can be tailor made as per your interest, time frame and budget for kids aging 10 to active 50+ retirees.


SASANE has been delivering quality service to different groups of people from family to group of friends or to retirees seeking to experience unforgettable tours around popular cities of Nepal. Depending upon interest, various tours can be organized for adventure junkies, foodies, luxury wellness tours or religious tours for families.


Unlike any other trekking company, SASANE has opened its own Homestay in Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu, run by our sisters, duly approved by and registered under Nepal Tourism Board, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Civil Aviation.
In just about 15 mins from the airport by car, our homestay has all the basic facilities with a nominal fee where you will be well taken care of by our well trained sisters. By staying at the homestay, you will get to experience everyday life of Kathmandu.
If you are a foodie, what better way to travel than by not only tasting different Nepali food but you also get to make your own nepali dish. Our homestay also runs cooking classes under the ‘Sisterhood of Survivor’ program where our sisters from various ethnic communities from rural villages have come all the way against all odds to empower themselves. ‘MoMo Making Class’ is the most popular among our guests.


We are duly licensed trekking company approved by The Government of Nepal, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Our Sisters completed an intensive training course, including First Aid with yearly re-certifications to become trusted, experienced and certified trekking guides with excellent English. They have local knowledge of every trek & tours since all of our sisters (Trekking Guides) have come from the rural villages that pass our trek routes, so you’ll be safe at all times during your trek.
For any damage, injury (including death) or loss occur during the trek, we got you covered with our liability insurance policy and above all, our sisters are committed to give their best for 100% customer satisfaction and prove that they have what it takes to be a professional guide.


SASANE Sisterhood facilitates respect and dignity by providing the programs to achieve economic independence for Women of SASANE. when you travel with SASANE, you will be contributing for a greater cause of empowering surviors of human trafficking


We’re committed to helping survivors of human trafficking reintegrate into society. Many of the survivors rarely get the opportunity to prove themselves and establish themselves in society with a decent job. By travelling with SASANE, you help them reintegrate them into society.


All the profits made from the trekking & tours are reinvested into the Sisters’ education, training and to support community homestays to develop infrastructure and upgrade quality service along with improving and upgrading Sasane’s quality service and expansion.
Hence, when you travel with us, you not only carry along beautiful memories of your trip back home, you will also have a feeling of satisfaction for helping contribute for the greater cause.