SASANE empowers female survivors to achieve financial independence and protect themselves from being re-trafficked. It also improves rural village infrastructure by driving tourism through these remote mountain communities. SASANE provides alternative sources of income to local community members who can create sustainable businesses and as such combat one of the root causes of human trafficking – severe poverty.

SASANE understands how important it is to develop responsible tourism particularly for the country with almost 7.9 % of GDP contributing from tourism industry. Therefore, SASANE contributes to sustainable tourism business in Nepal by ‘empowering women through travel’. Hence, SASANE has adopted policy that result greater impact on following essential elements;

Environmental Impact

SASANE is aware of the environmental issues caused by the tourism industry, and to address these issues we have endorsed various measures to minimize our impact on the environment, such as: adopting the policy “leaving only footprints and taking only pictures”, avoiding plastic bags and fire wood, and instead using alternate sources for cooking and depending mostly on solar energy during the trek.

Socio-cultural Impact

Travelling off the beaten path gives travelers a unique opportunity to learn about the history, culture, everyday lives of the rural village peoples, and social issues prevalent in Nepal while supporting the local communities, helping prevent human trafficking.

Economic Impact


Driving tourism through remote mountain areas, provides alternate sources of income so local community members can create sustainable businesses and infrastructure.